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Professional Financial Management

LINK’s financial management leads to a transparency of figures and supports a real understanding of the numbers in your Units Plan. We simply allow you to sleep much easier at night knowing your UP is in safe hands.

Effective Communication

Effective communication
helps us better understand a person or situation and enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas and problem solving can flourish.

Team Approach

Our approach is to have dedicated staff that can assess the maintenance needs, arrange quotes and then process the payment and insurance claims, if applicable. This ensures that the strata manager is fully aware of current issues and is both accountable and responsible to the Owners Corporation


We have well defined processes and preferred methods for executing our Strata Management Services. However every Units Plan is unique and we would love to chat to you about customising our services to meet your unique and specific requirements.

Our values
“Clear effective communication with unit owners and Executive Committee’s are necessary to our strata management success. We pride ourselves on professionally prepared financial statements with full transparency, which enable Owners Corporations to plan better for today, tomorrow and the years to come. We provide a professional service to your Owners Corporation that will exceed the traditional approach currently employed in the industry”

Anthony Johnston
Business Manager.

About us

LINK Corporate Services Pty Ltd trading as LINK Strata Management (LINK) was incorporated in 1998 to provide administration and management support to local organisations. The company is based on an accounting practice and provides prompt and efficient service from highly skilled and trained staff. LINK recognises the increasingly complex demands and time constraints placed on the members of Executive Committees and the desire for a solution to the issues that typically concern the owners and Committee Members of Owners Corporations. LINK assists Owners Corporations by providing access to timely and professional administration, management, maintenance and compliance resources in a cost effective structure. LINK will relieve Committee Members of many of the frustrations they currently face, in order that they may more fully enjoy the benefits of property ownership.